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June 5, 2017
June 5, 2017
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Our Story

In 1989, Cameron Foster and Kenny Easley set out with a goal to create a sports management group that was different than other sports agencies. They wanted to create a sports group that limits the number of clients it represents to offer a select few players the highest level of personal dedication, attention and time commitment necessary to represent professional athletes.

Kenny was a client of a large sports management group while he played in the NFL. He experienced first-hand the problems that athletes face when being represented by large agencies. When he retired from the NFL in 1988, Kenny had been player representative for the Seattle Seahawks for 7 years. In 1989, Kenny was asked by a few of his former teammates with the Seahawks to be their agent. Wanting an attorney to overlook these contract negotiations, Kenny and Cameron’s paths crossed and shortly thereafter, Foster & Easley Sports Management Group was created.

Originally touted as a boutique sports management group, Foster & Easley has grown to be one of the most respected sports agencies in the NFL due to their commitment and dedication to each of their clients. Because of the carefully managed company growth, F&E has the ability to offer the highest commitment to each of their athletes they represent. Foster & Easley has negotiated some of the largest and most unique contracts in professional sports. Celebrating nearly 25 years in the profession of sports management, F&E are positioned and committed more than ever to continue to assist a select few professional athletes with unmatched experience and services including predraft training, contract negotiations, commercial endorsements, and community involvement.

Photo Above (from left to right): Matt Johnson (Dallas Cowboys); Korey Toomer (Seattle Seahawks); Michael Roos (Tennessee Titans); Cameron Foster; Mike Person (Seattle Seahawks); Chris Prosinski (Jacksonville Jaguars); Levi Horn (Minnesota Vikings).

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