Levi Horn – Minnesota Vikings

June 5, 2017
Marquess Wilson – Chicago Bears
June 5, 2017
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Spokesperson for Nike N7 Shoe line

You can’t miss Levi Horn. At 6’, 7” and 315 pounds, you might call him a mountain of a man. And you’d be right.

A Spokane, Washington native, Levi attended the University of Montana and overcame numerous hurdles to be where he is today. A Native American of Northern Cheyenne descent, Levi is only one of a handful of Native Americans to ever play in the NFL. An offensive lineman for the Minnesota Vikings, Levi recently signed with Nike N7 to be the face and voice of the national campaign.

Nike N7 Mission: To bring sport and all of its benefits to Native American and Aboriginal communities in the USA and Canada. Through activity, competition and play you can unleash the power of your generation. You can grow up active and healthy. Sport gives you self-confidence, enabling you to be a force for positive change in your community. When one generation realizes its potential, future generations are much stronger for it.

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